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Early Preschool Community

Our early preschool classrooms are designed for students 18 months to three years of age, and encourage exploration, promote language development, foster self-help skills, build motor skills, and improve coordination and cognitive processing. Our program offers students a variety of fun, stimulating learning activities each day.

One of our early preschoolers’ favorite activities is to get messy and explore with their whole bodies. Sensory development is a key component for little growing bodies—it helps with emotional regulation, fine and gross motor skills, coordination, problem solving, sorting, and also builds nerve connections that allow for complex thinking skills. Our early preschoolers participate in one to two hours of sensory play per day. They explore sand, water, beans, rice, paper, ice, cereal, paint, clay, play-dough, and so much more!

In the early preschool classroom, children learn through play and hands-on experiments. This is a wonderful time when children first start verbalizing their inquiries and communicating their needs. We build our curriculum around their interests and encourage their curiosity to grow each day. Music and movement, story time, and creative art activities help children develop social, fine-motor, and early literacy skills. Our various toys, learning materials, and equipment are arranged to promote active exploration in different interest areas. Students are also taught basic self-help skills such as dressing themselves, drinking from a standard cup, potty training, serving snacks, washing hands, and cleaning up after themselves. Early preschoolers are truly amazing helpers! 

"What the hand does, the mind remembers."

-Maria Montessori

Exploration Areas

Reading & Storytelling

Reading stories aloud

Pretend reading

Letter identification

Story structure and sequencing

Fine Motor & Writing

Drawing lines to begin forming letters

Mark-making technique practice and confidence

Using tools to pick up small objects

Science & Sensory

Discussing temperature, weather, and seasons

Exploring materials using the five senses

Learning about plants and animals

Gross Motor

Practicing coordination and balance

Developing agility and building stamina

Learning about physical fitness

Math & Problem Solving

Measuring items using tools

Identifying shapes

Rote and object counting

Sorting and patterning

Self-Help & Self Awareness

Potty training

Cleaning up

Washing hands



Art & Music

Creative expression using a variety of art materials

Learning songs and rhymes

Learning basic music competency including rhythm, tone, and pitch

Enrichment Classes

Music appreciation

Hand-eye coordination

Fine arts

Language skills

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