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Meals and Nutrition

We provide full, nutritious meals that children enjoy, and a second helping is always available. We give children the opportunity to establish healthy eating habits as well as an understanding of the relationship between food, health, and growth. Students that are enrolled in our full-time program, are over 18 months of age, and are able to eat solid table food will be provided breakfast, lunch, and three snacks throughout the day. Children that are enrolled in our part-time program will be provided breakfast, lunch, and two snacks.

We serve all organic milk, fresh or frozen organic fruits and vegetables, all-natural or organic meats, Greek yogurt, whole grain or wheat bread, and organic pasta. We do not give food, candy, or treats as rewards for good behavior. We do not reward a child for eating everything on his or her plate. We encourage children to taste new foods, but we never force a child to taste or eat food.

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