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New School Year, New Name!

Fall is a truly magical time at our school. Even with our Texas temperatures still in the upper 90’s, the smell of fall is in the air and we could not be readier! Pumpkin patches are about to pop up everywhere, our teachers are excitedly planning the fall curriculum, our students are already talking about their fall costume party (how many Elsas will we have this year?), and our parents will have sweet smelling pumpkin-spice lattes in their hand while dropping off their little one for a joyous day of learning.

The first day of September is also the first day of our new school name. We feel that the name of a school is extremely meaningful for the students, parents, and teachers who are part of the school’s community. We looked long and hard for the perfect name, talked to our advisors, and toured dozens of schools. We wanted a name that was not only dignified, personal, and memorable, but also easy for our students to pronounce and write. We are now The Mays School (MAYS in brief). We feel that the name is fitting not only because it meets all of the above criteria, but because it is our family name, and by joining our school you are not only becoming part of this community, but part of our family.

I feel that this change will be the start of an exciting new chapter in our school’s history. Going forward, our long-term goals include becoming NAEYC accredited, expanding into the whole building, redesigning the parking lot, and eventually opening up a private elementary school. I feel that The Mays School is a name that could take us on so many adventures and meet the high-quality education needs of so many more students.

This fall, we will be making life-long memories with our students. What do you remember about fall as a child? I remember the smell of the library which I loved to visit, collecting acorns while walking home from kindergarten, and playing with friends under a big tree at my preschool’s playground. At MAYS we are going to focus not only on academic success and meeting major milestones, but on learning about emotional regulation, making friends, and slowing down the pace a bit to create life-long memories and friendships.

Jessi Mays


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