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The Winter Break Bucket List

Happy Holidays!

As the winter holidays approach, don’t forget to visit our recommendations page on our website for lots of gift ideas for children birth through age six!

If you are looking for some fun activities to do with your preschooler during the break, here are some ideas from our winter break bucket list:

  • Make yogurt finger paint using yogurt and food coloring

  • Make a fort in the living room—it’s the perfect place to read a story and drink hot cocoa!

  • Donate toys, books, or clothes that you’ve outgrown to a local charity or our school

  • Go ice skating at Discovery Green, Memorial City Mall, or the Galleria

  • Make homemade cookies to share with your neighbors

  • Explore with flashlights in the backyard at night—what can you find?

  • Paint rocks and create a rock garden

  • Schedule a park playdate with classmates

  • Take a trip to the local library

  • Spend extra time in a bubble bath

  • Visit the Nature Discovery Center

  • Visit the local children’s theater

  • Draw a picture to give to a friend or relative

  • Go on a nature walk in the neighborhood

  • Visit the Houston, Fort Bend, or The Woodland’s Children’s Museums

  • Check out Zoo Lights at the Houston Zoo

  • Ride the train to Hermann Park and play with the pretend train at the Bellaire Park

Please have a safe and fun winter break! We are looking forward to a wonderful new year.

Jessi Mays


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